Friday, March 27, 2009

My New Bag...

I was at Michael's yesterday. They were having a sale on these bags - 40% off. So I got this bag for $14.99! It will surely come in handy when I go to my friend's house to scrapbook.

I get together with my friend Jess about once per week to scrap. We take turns going to each others houses, since we live 30 minutes from each other.

I will be trying out my bag this Saturday!

Before I filled it with stuff... Isn't the pattern cute? They also had pink and green, but I thought this would match most of my outfits ;-)

The back has places meant for scissors. I don't use my scrapping scissors very much and instead, I put my markers there.

I have already filled most of this side of the bag. I am bringing my most used stamps, punches, buttons, etc. And of course, I have my fasenator - I love that thing!


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