Friday, March 27, 2009

Tools for making Mosaic collages

I just got this FABULOUS new book! It is a 96 page book about designing photo mosaics. It was written by Tami Potter and is available for sale on her web site. It's only $19.99!

I just went to A.C. Moore yesterday and got this AWESOME new toy! I have been into mosaic layouts recently and this will really come in handy!

It is a magnetic workspace. The ruler is magnetic and it came with 8 small magnets to hold down your page. You can use it to cut items with a craft knife or just to hold things in place while you're scrapping.

It is made by Basic Grey - it costs $28.99 normally, but I had a coupon and got 50% off! So I really paid $13.99!

This Marvy 1" punch is great for making 1" squares for mosaics.

I am going to be starting my wedding scrapbook soon (as soon as I finish my honeymoon scrapbook - I know, I went out of order!). I have never done a themed scrapbook before, but I might do one for my wedding. My bridesmaids wore dark purple (fall wedding) and they carried flowers in different shades of purple & pink.

Here is my idea: I want to do a scrapbook with all mosaic layouts and use different shades of purple for all the backgrounds etc. It's probably easier to show you than tell you. As soon as I get started, I will post every page I create.

Do you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions for me? If so, please leave a comment on this blog post.


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Alicia said...

You got me really curious about mosaics now. Was the book worth buying? I saw on her website she thinks its easier to cut with a knife versus a punch. Which do you prefer? I have cut a picture with a knife before and it separates from the backing. Can it be done with out buying her paper? Or would it be too much trouble piecing them all together yourself. I don't want to spend all that money if i don't need too. Thanks for any insight! You can contact me at