Thursday, July 2, 2009

Helping Animals...

I am sending a donation to The Lime Light to help support Animal Shelters. Most of the cards are new, a few were ones that I had in my box of spare cards.



eiyiyi said...

Great cards, and such a worthy cause.

brenda said...

Hi Lauren, two of a kind, that's the direction of a good number of my cards go - we have the RSPCA who have lots of high street charity shops and they love to get boxes of my cards.

Sorry havent looked in on you in a bit, but been ill.

B x

rozzy said...

thanks for the message Lauren, it certainly makes leaving messages easier, esp if you enter challenges it makes leaving comments faster for the challenge blogs :)
I do love these cards. A fab selection.
On Trimcraft we have been support Dogs for the Disabled...a bit like guide dogs, but for the sighted disabled. The dogs do fantastic things like even take washing out of teh washing machine.... these are certainly wonderful causes to support :)
hugs rozzy xx

Pinklady50 said...

What a sweet thing to do. They'll love these cute cards!