Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  Hope everyone had fun last night!

I had to share these photos of my husband and I in our costumes.  They were a little last minute.

I had wanted to be a flapper and he was going to be a gangster.  I waited until Wednesday to go to the costume store.  By that time, they only had childrens sizes and plus sizes.  So I wasn't able to get the flapper costume.  I went to three more stores with no luck. 

Yesterday, Mike and I were looking online for costume ideas.  He found one that he LOVED.  Wear a giftwrapped box with a tag that says: To Women, From God.  (God's gift to women!  LOL).  We couldn't find a box big enough. 

So Mike ended up being a Phillies phan.  I ended up wearing tights, boots, dog tags, and my husband's old Army jacket with a belt to cinch it at the waist.  I'm not sure what I was, but it worked.


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eiyiyi said...

You look fabulous!!!!! So does Mike. I LOVE the God's gift to women costume ... what a great idea. Years ago my first husband and I went to a party as a brick and a brick layer. I can also remember dressing up as an old woman .... no challenge in that any more!@# Glad you had fun. hugs, eileen