Friday, May 29, 2015

I'm baaaaccckkkk!

I've been a bad blogger!  It's been nearly 2 YEARS since my last post, which doesn't even seem possible to me!

We moved in June of 2013 back to Philadelphia, which is where my husband and I grew up.  We purchased my grandparent's house and have been renovating ever since!

My husband and I have been doing most of the renovating ourselves, with the help of my two brothers in law.  I'm glad my hubby and his brothers are so handy!  We have put up a fence, painted our dining room, installed new heater & hot water heater (my hubby does HVAC for a living), re-did the kitchen/pantry/mud room, re-did first floor bathroom.  We also had the entire outside of the house & garage painted, but we hired someone for that!

We still have a long way to go, as all 7 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms have wallpaper that needs to be taken down!  The living room, foyer, and hallways need to be painted as well.  We'll get there eventually...

Here's some photos of our kitchen reno.  We started with light wood cabinets, black & white wallpaper, teal wood paneling, teal windows & doors, black woodwork, yellow/teal countertops, drop ceiling, and AWFUL cobblestone floor.  We got all new appliances, drywalled the walls & ceiling, painted, added crown moulding, added a custom radiator cover/hutch, and tiled the floors.

BEFORE (note the radiator below the table):

My husband and his brothers built me a custom radiator cover & hutch which now stands between the two doors seen in the above photo!  

We painted the cabinets white and it really brightened up the room:


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Helen said...

Welcome back! 7 bedrooms, wow! I want a room for my craft room. :)