Sunday, December 12, 2010

My goddaughter

My husband and I went to NYC this weekend to meet our beautiful goddaughter, Colbin.  She was born 11/16 and I am thrilled that we were finally able to make the trip up to see her.  Isn't she adorable?


RubyM:) said...

AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO this is the famous baby girl that had you working like carzy lol!

OK HMMMMMM LET ME GUESS DID YOU BUY HER THAT CUTE SUIT LOL!!!!! dk but the clue is on your blog lol!!! I LOVE IT! You look so cute together and love the nice pictures!! I see a LO COMING I ALREADY KNOW LOL!! Thnaks hun for visitng me and for the((whispering))images.THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH (((HUGS)))RubYM:)

Davi said...

Wow she is beautiful and looks like you are having way tooo much fun!!