Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Thanksgiving Photos

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving - I did!  Here's some photos.

Being silly in my Cricut Cake apron...

The table all set (for 11)

Place cards from MarthaStewart.com

I made all my veggies in slow cookers - how easy!

Our family photo - for our Christmas card


Cassie said...

Great pics, Lauren, and your table looks beautiful ;D

eiyiyi said...

Great shots Lauren. Your thanksgiving table looks beautiful. I have to admit that my favorite pic of all is the solo shot of Rocky ... now that is priceless. hugs, eilen

Kim said...

Your table setting is beautiful. YOu've really outdone yourself. Love the puppies.

RubyM:) said...

LAUREN I'MM BAAACK EEEEKKKKK LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!First of all thanks for visiting me all these times and with me not able to come on over. Hey did you get my crazy replies thru the subject box lmbo!!!! THANKS THOUGH IN CASE YOU DIDN'T SEE LOL!!!! What was i gonna say ummmm oh yeah i have the same slow cooker i love it!!!! GF LOOKING GOOD IN THAT APRON LOL!!!! Hey my First Thanksgiving hosting was a disaster but sooooooooooooooo hilarious ummmm yeah my STUFFING EXPLODED!!!!!! HOW DOES STUFFING EXPLODE????!!!!! BAAAAAHAAAAA WELL IT'S DRESSSING SINCE IT WASN'T INSIDE THE TURKEY.OH it doesn't stop there lmbo!!!!!!! THE ONLY THING THAT CAME OUT RIGHT AND DELISH WAS THE TURKEY LOL!!!! GOOD TIMES LOL!!!! ANYWAYS I'LL B-BACK TO VISIT SOME MORE,RubYM:)