Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My first blog award - from eiyiyi

My blog buddy Eileen a.k.a. eiyiyi has given me this wonderful award! She has truly been a great and supportive friend. She takes the time to leave a comment on each of my creations. For this and other things that she has done for me, I am grateful. Thank you so much Eileen!

Now, for the people to pass this award to...

1. Monique
2. Maria
3. Jill
4. Brenda
5. Ramona


eiyiyi said...

Picking you for the award was easy. It is well-deserved.

brenda said...

Morning Lauren, what a wondeful surprise to wake up to, thank you so much. I will disply with pride.

Have a great and creative day.

B x

Pinklady50 said...

This is so sweet of you. I don't think one can receive this award from too many people. It means they notice and care that you visit their blog and are grateful you take the time. I'll display it with honor. Thank you!