Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Vacation

Here are some pictures of the dogs (and me) this weekend. Rocky discovered that he can doggie paddle! And Daphne faced her fear of water and waded up to her shoulders. I was so proud of them!



Daphne in the water

This is my favorite picture:

Rocky doesn't normally fetch, but he loved chasing the ball and retrieving it from the water.

Running down the beach

Rocky in the water

Rocky leads the charge... and he made friends with 2 other boxers

I came home from the beach (still in my bikini) and fell asleep like this. My husband couldn't resist taking a picture of us passed out...



eiyiyi said...

Looks like a great vacation. So nice that you can take the dogs with you.

Anonymous said...

awww Lauren, what a sweet picture!!!!

you need to scrap it!

-- dalis

Jo said...

Gorgeous pics, I adore boxers they are such a wonderful breed and soooo cute!! I agree, Rocky looks like Growler when he was younger, he's 12 in a few days time and is now quite grey but stil adorable.