Sunday, July 8, 2018

LM 403 - All About Me - Document Your Job

This month at Lasting Memories, our theme is "All About Me."  This week, our challenge is to document your job.

I absolutely love my job.  I have been working at Jostens Yearbook Publishing Company since right after I graduated college in 2007.  I started out working with a sales rep and traveling to schools in Delaware and Maryland for 7 years.  For the last 4 years, I have been working from home as past of the VSD.

My team is called the "Virtual Sales Desk" or VSD and my official title is Senior Associate Account Manager.  Since we all work from home, my team only sees each other once a year at the Jostens Annual Business Meeting (ABM) in January.  We took this team photo at ABM last year, which was in Minnesota.  I love my co-workers so much.  We have weekly conference calls and use an instant messenger program for questions and chatting, but I wish that I could see them more than once per year.

My job is different every day, which keeps it interesting.  I assist 4 sales reps that work with more than 500 schools in PA, NJ, MD, DE, NY and NC.  I help with training  and answering questions from yearbook advisers and staffs about our yearbook software, photoshop, photography, graphic design, sales & marketing, and anything else yearbook related.  I help schools to create layouts, proofread pages, track deadlines, send marketing e-mail blasts to parents, and so much more. As a senior member of the VSD team, I help with training other VSA's, taking notes on our weekly team calls, answering questions from teammates, etc.

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Natalie Dill said...

What an adorable page! I was the editor of my yearbook in high school & we used Jostens - cool!